Ok, I was 9.

The title of this blog, “Just a Thought . . .” means exactly what it says. No great profound revelations (I wouldn’t know one if it sneaked up and bit me on the ankle), but perhaps a few reflections on life and faith. Some of them have been gathered together over a period of a few years as I have scratched my head in the face of things which life or God have placed in my path.

The sub-title, “Joining the conversation” does not, again, suggest that I think that the world desperately needs to hear my point of view on everything (or anything for that matter). It is more of a “note to self”, a post-it on the fridge door reminding me that life consists of more than standing on the sidelines watching the world go by.

50 years later. Oh, well.
A few years later. Oh, well.

All my life I have loved to learn new things, despite the fact that I am no great scholar! Perhaps this little project has a lot to do with my curiosity, my need to learn something new. If that’s all it amounts to then at least it is a harmless pursuit.

Me? I’m a husband, dad and (now retired)Church of England minister. I had a life before ordination and, though I am passionate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have other interests, too. My family and a few close friends are extremely precious to me and have greatly encouraged me as we have journeyed along.

If anything in these blogs offers you encouragement or gives you pause for thought, then I am pleased. If not, then thank you for spending a few moments with me.

I have been described, in public, as “a bit of a rebel” but, on my good days at least, I would never seek to deliberately offend. So please accept my apologies if anything you read from me causes you to be angry.

I would welcome your comments on my posts but do, please, try not to shout at me.


Every blessing,

Nigel Carter

20 thoughts on “Hello

    1. Pleased to meet you, too. Thanks for “liking” the page. I’m looking forward to reading some more of your very interesting material on the Pacific War. Best wishes.

      1. At first I was so confused–“how can this child write an adult blog? Surely a genius…” A darling sprite, indeed.

  1. I always like to pop over and have a little look when someone is kind enough to want to follow… You’re a minister of the Church of England and I am a believe also in the Anglican Church of Canada…. I began blogging with trepidation in Nov. 2011 and it has been a treasured experience… Hope you are finding it so as well…. Diane

    1. Thank you very much Diane. Good to hear from you. Yes, I am enjoying blogging – both the writing and the privilege of reading other people’s posts. I am learning so much as part of the process. Every blessing. Nigel.

  2. Hello Nigel, nice to meet you! God led me to your blog today and I look forward to reading more!

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