Food for the Hungry

John 6: 1 – 16

“Look at the great crowds – thousands of them!
They’ve come from all over the region.
Some must have walked all day to get here.”

And here we all were
sitting on the hillside;
watching, listening;
like the audience in a great amphitheatre.

We could hear his words so clearly.
As he stood at the bottom of the hill,
looking up as if he saw each one of us alone.
The breeze from the lake on this summer evening
carried his words to us,
and we were amazed.

Never was God spoken of like this,
never was the kingdom so clear, so fresh, so true,
so real as this one.
Many had spoken of it before, but not like this man.
It was not just the breeze that carried his words to us;
we drew them to ourselves, we wanted to hear,
needed to hear.
Somnolent souls began to dance
to this new music.

He finished, we began to move.
Was that a disturbance down the hill,
an altercation, a deputation?

And then those people began telling us to sit down again –
ordering us!
Bread was blessed, and something else.
Food was being distributed – there would never be enough.
Those of us at the back,
we wouldn’t see any of it.
When the man with the basket arrived he looked more
surprised than any.
We ate, bread and fish.
We ate, we had our fill!

Food left over, collected up; and he was gone.
Except for that voice – out of the depth, out of nothing,
out of stillness.
“You have been fed, your hunger satisfied.
Where now?”

Nigel Carter


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