Oh No! Dad’s Gone Viral!

Oh no! Dad’s gone viral!
What in the name . . . ?
He’s all over the web now;
I must up my game!

Quick . . . hide all those photos
from Ibiza and Greece!
If he gets to see them,
he’ll give us no peace.

And all of those links
to pubs, wines and beers
will cause him a seizure –
a man of his years!

He’s posting and tweeting
all over the place;
and blogging for England!
Oh, what a disgrace.

It must be his age . . .
because, left on his own,
the old fool is not able
to answer the phone!

It might be a fad –
there’ve been plenty of those –
but just to be certain
we’ll follow his prose.

At least when he’s blogging
We know where he’s at.
We just wish he’d go out
And purchase a cat!

Nigel Carter


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