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The First Post.

It started when I read a book entitled “@stickyjesus” by Toni Birdsong and Tami Heim. Their excellent book was all about Christians and social networking, and it was something of an eye-opener I’m pleased to say.

I have had a relationship with IT since before the days of the early desk-top computers (in those ancient heady days we used to call them microcomputers). I have a background in print and typography and it was the merger of print and design with the “new technology” which helped to fuel the IT revolution.

However I have always been rather nervous about the whole social networking scene. This is partly because of the horror stories which always accompany new developments, but also because I am something of an introvert by nature. I guess there has also been the usual fear of making a fool of myself on a global scale. Well, too late for that now!

Toni & Tami’s book, which I have in the Kindle edition, has completely changed my understanding of social networking so, where the rest of the world went 6 or 7 years ago, I have just begun to explore.

For better or worse, then, having taken the plunge with Facebook and Twitter (I did dabble a couple of years back, but then chickened out), here is the first post on my new blog.

Whether or not it is also The Last Post remains to be seen.