Three Minutes with Jesus

Three Minutes with Jesus aims to explore the Christian faith through the stories of Jesus in the New Testament, and to do so often in the context of a busy life. As such, these short reflections are not really intended for those who already have a deep theological knowledge, but for those who would like to discover a little more about Jesus, or perhaps what all the fuss is about!

Each of the short reflections deals with a discrete topic and, though they are assembled in a particular order, please feel free to “dip in” and have a look. If you wish to use it, a very short prayer is offered at the end of each reflection.

You will need to make up your own mind about what you read, but I hope you find them helpful.


Just click any link below to go to a topic and then use the Three Minutes with Jesus tab to return to this page.

A New Beginning?
And on that Bombshell . . .
A Whiff of Scandal
Come and See
Come to Me
Let the Children Come
Come and Learn From Me
Come to My House
Can Anything Good Come . . . ?
Faith and Doubt
Stunted Growth
A Change of Heart
Just Ask
Living Faith
The Mind of God
Standing at the Door
Growing Faith
The World Turned Upside Down
Using the Same Measure
Salty Goodness!
Who do you think you’re talking to?
Here, have your life back!
Of Sheep and Shepherds
Keeping the Wrong Company
Mixing it Up a Bit!
Better than the Best
Love God
Love Your Neighbour
Love Yourself
Love Your Enemy
Love to Die For
Let’s Have a Party
You did it to Me
The Face of God
Welcome to the Kingdom
God’s Vineyard
Live This Life
Saint or Satan?
Come, Share My Life
Some Help Along the Way
Tell it like it is . . .
The Power of the Cross
A Friend on the Journey
Go, for Me
Staring at the Sky


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